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We're glad you've found us here at Culture Fix Community! 

This is a one- of-a-kind network where people who want to create a great place to work will meet online (and sometimes IRL) to learn from, share and experience a cutting edge culture knowledge base and community.

If you are someone who wants to be known for their culture and teamwork, results, leadership and a legacy of successful outcomes, whatever your sector and seniority, we think you’ll love the Culture Fix Community. It’s like a private social network, with many of the same features as LinkedIn or Facebook, but as a member-only space we have stripped away the noise to create a safe and supportive place to gain skills and knowledge that will help you to be a leading figure in establishing and innovating successful work cultures. It's also a place where you can, if you want to, share your knowledge with others and support them on their culture journey. And just as cultures continuously evolve to stay relevant, so will the content on the Culture Fix Community.

There is and always will be a free area of the community where everyone can access content and conversation. The paid for 'Culture Makers' Tribe is for anyone is wants to invest in there culture building skillset, take advantage of online programs and allows us to invest in the best quality content production to support learning and development. 

You will never be asked for credit card details to join the free network and all prices are currently in US$ - we hope to offer localised currency soon! 

The Culture Fix Community is a safe space where aspirational leaders work together to enhance their skills and knowledge to build cultures that are productive, competitive, memorable and revered.

Community Value

  • Online development programs - to provide you with the capability to change your culture
  • Articles, research and data - to challenge your thinking and provide you with inspiration for your own culture
  • Exclusive resources - downloadables and printables to help you build your case for culture change investment
  • A network of peers - to share experiences with and gain support from
  • The Culture Makers Podcast - regular interviews with culture experts from around the world
  • Access to Colin's speeches - from conferences and corporate events around the world
  • Ability to identify your culture challenges - and build the corresponding skills
  • Exclusive video content - from the events that Colin attends or his thoughts on current work challenges and trends
  • Special offers and priority access for Colin's events and publications
  • Easy to use free App for Culture Fix on the go! 
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