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Are any of these statements
true for you?

  • You want to better understand yourself and create a plan for your future
  • You need to ‘sell’ the idea of culture change to others
  • You want to stay in touch with current and future trends
  • You’d like global perspectives on the practices of others
  • You get frustrated when others don’t understand the need for culture investment
  • You want to find out what it takes to build a high-performing team or cultural legacy
  • You want to deliver culture change but don’t know where to start
  • You want to have a positive impact on the lives of others
  • You want to deliver projects with confidence
  • You want to coach and support others in their delivery of change
  • You want to invest in your own development in order to stay relevant in an ever changing world, but not break the bank in doing so!

If you answered yes to any of these, then the Culture Fix Community
is for you!

This is a one-of-a-kind global virtual network where people who want to create a great place to work, regardless of sector, country or seniority, learn, challenge and expand their own thinking to deliver culture change. 

The Community is a safe space where aspirational leaders work together to enhance their skills and knowledge to build cultures that are productive, competitive, memorable and revered.

If you are someone who wants to be known for their culture and teamwork, results, leadership and a legacy of successful outcomes, then the Culture Fix Community is your home. It’s a private online network, with many of the same features as LinkedIn or Facebook, but as a member-only space we have stripped away the noise and are not at the mercy of adverts or algorithms when sharing content, resources and conversations. As a Community we encourage sharing and support accountability, we tell the stories of both our wins and losses and we are open-minded in our quest for better workplace cultures.

 And just as cultures continuously evolve to stay relevant, so will the content on the Culture Fix Community.

There are two online areas to explore when you become a member. The Community is a space where we come together and share content and conversation, ideas and challenges. It is also where you will find my videos, podcast episodes and online events. The Inner Circle is home to development programs, keynote videos and digital resources to directly address your workplace and leadership challenges. 

The Inner Circle has a spirit of collaboration, exploration and aspiration - it is for people who want to be a catalyst for change. In the Inner Circle you will find content that enables you to:

Are you ready to invest in your own development - and your potential?

We have worked hard to keep this cost reasonable while allowing us to invest in the best quality content production to support learning and development. New content is continually being added and, as an Inner Circle member, you can request the kind of content you would like to see. Monthly membership costs US$15.99, annual is US$149.99.

Our new program - Performing Under Pressure: A Six Week Sprint To Build Your Resilience brings together the insights and actions you need right now to thrive in challenging times and reach your full potential. You can complete it at your own pace, in your own space but reach out on the Community at any time for support or just to chat about the course content! 

Evergreen Programs

Click on image for program outline.

10 Reasons To Join The Inner Circle

  1. The Culture Makers Masterclass online program - Build the skills you need to create a great place to work and a reputation as a culture catalyst 
  2. The Project Leadership Program - Develop the interpersonal skills  and practical approaches you need to build a great project team and deliver outstanding outcomes
  3. The EQ Room - Emotional intelligence for leaders, managers and anyone who wants to improve their ‘soft skills’ at work
  4. Performing Under Pressure Program - 2020 has been a heck of a year! This six sprint program is designed to give you the skills you need to be resilient in challenging times and realise your full potential. 
  5. Articles, research and data - to challenge your thinking and provide you with inspiration for your own culture
  6. A diverse network of peers - to share experiences with and gain support from
  7. Regular webinars - exploring latest thinking, current challenges and what’s most pressing in the workplace today
  8. Exclusive resources - downloadables and printables to help you build your case for culture change investment
  9. Keynotes - Colin’s presentations from conferences and corporate events around the world
  10. You - This is a commitment to your own success. Evolve and equip yourself with the skills, approaches and insights it takes to create a great place to work now and in the future. The Community and its hosts are here to cheer on your successes, help you learn from the mistakes and level up your knowledge and skills in leadership, culture, delivery and transformation.

What Inner Circle members are saying

Prices are currently in US$ - we hope to offer localised currency soon! 

If you are interested in corporate Culture Makers licenses or have questions about the programs please email: If you become a member you can message directly within the Community. 

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